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Boracay is often referred to one of the most beautiful White sand beaches of the world. I have been there a number of times and have loved it every time. The warm temperature of the water lapping up against your feet is fantastic and everyday it turns on a show for thousands of tourists as the sun sets, displaying shades of pinks and blues as it disappears into the water.


One aspect that continues to be challenging (If you don't know how) is getting from Caticlan (aka Godofredo P. Ramos) Airport to your hotel. Perhaps the locals make it that way or purpose to sell you their inflated 'all in' tickets, but if you follow this guide it should save you a few hundred Pesos.


Caticlan (aka Godofredo P. Ramos) Airport is not on the actual Island of Boracay. It is quite close however and just a short boat ride away.

Map of Caticlan Airport with Boracay just to the north

1. Caticlan airport and runway is quite small. They are extending it as I write this, but at the moment only propeller aircraft are able to land there.


2. Cebu Pacific airlines were selling transfers in the air for P400 from the airport to the hotel, which is only P50 more than if you were to do it by yourself. Although this is a per person cost and often if not travelling solo you can save costs by sharing tricycles.


3. Once you land at Caticlan and alight from your plane it is a short walk to the terminal. As you enter there are a few official looking people at desks asking you to register while handing out clip boards. This is not compulsory or official and just a ruse to sell you a transfer to your hotel. They give the price of P600 per person, which is quite expensive. The survey on the clipboard also asks lots of personal questions like email address, phone number and passport number. Fill in this survey at your own risk.



4. Once you have collected your baggage and walk out of the terminal, head right about 30 metres. There is a big sign that shows the tricycle taxi stand. There is a little booth where you pay for a ticket in front of a vacant lot which have the tricycles in it.



5.  At the booth you can pay for your ticket from the airport to the Jetty which is P50 (per trike), then get in the tricycle side car and the driver will take you to the jetty.



6. It is only about 100 metres from the airport to the jetty and it is quite possible to walk if you'd like, depending on how much luggage and energy you have.



7. Once you have arrived, but before entering the Jetty, to the left of the entrance is where you pay for your tickets. There are three windows numbered 1, 2 and 3 (see pic below). The first window is where you pay for your boat ticket. It is only P25 for a pump boat. Then at the second window you pay an environmental fee of P75 and at window 3 you pay for your terminal fee ticket which is P100.



8. Once you enter the Jetty terminal there is a security check where they summarily check your bags for weapons and herd you through. There are also people here behind a counter trying to get you fill out another form, again this is not compulsory even though they make it seem so. Inside the Jetty head to your right to the boat. Here people will collect your tickets and swipe you through some electronic gates.



9. You will now be in the waiting area for the pump boat. There is a guard there that opens the glass doors when the boat is ready. He will then let the required number of people through. Try to wait near this guard as it is a first come first served basis as to who gets on the next boat.



10. Walk out of the Jetty waiting area and onto your boat. If you have bigger luggage it is best stored on the roof, but there are people who work there to show you what to do. You may also like to hire a porter to help at about P20 per peice of luggage.



11. After a short 10 – 15 minute boat ride you will be arriving on Boracay Island.



12. When I tried to get my luggage from the roof of the boat they said it was already on shore and I started to walk down the gang plank only to realise it wasn’t there. The men that advised me of that were porters, hoping to get a bit of money for taking my luggage from the boat to the shore. So I went back and took my bag of the roof of the boat and carried it myself. 



13. On shore there was a small vehicle what looked like a golf cart and they wanted P250 to drive us to the hotel. Which may be a good option if you have a few people in your party, but we walked to the tricycle stand and got one for P100 to drive us to the hotel.



14. Make sure you have the address of your hotel handy. The bigger resorts will be fine and they should find it without any trouble, but the smaller ones they may need help with. The driver we had took us to the beach and said it was just around to the right a little bit, but was in fact a good 150 metre walk to the left. The drivers will often get you as close as possible to your hotel, but because a lot of hotels are right on the beach, it will be up to you to negotiate the last little leg of your journey by yourself.



*You won’t find any traditional car taxis on the Island. It is too small, in fact there is just one main road.


*When you buy tickets for the tricycle at the airport, they can also sell you the P25 tickets for the boat (so you can skip window 1).


*When you leave to get back to Caticlan airport, just do the reverse, however you do not need to pay the envirnonmental tax when leaving, so it is even cheaper.



Caticlan Jetty

Window 1 at the jetty on the left, where you buy your P25 tickets for the boat

Windows 2 & 3 at the jetty. Environmental tax P75 & Terminal Fee P100

Inside the jetty terminal where you wait for the boat to ferry you across to Boracay - Image from Jezza Thompson

This is an example of the Pumpboat that will take you on the 15 minute ride to Boracay

An example of the Tricycles taxi that shuttle people around the Island

Inside the boat

Leaving the Caticlan Jetty bound for Boracay


Tricycle from Caticlan Airport to Jetty (per tricycle)                       P50

Boat to Boracay Island (per person)                                             P25

Environmental Tax (per person)                                                   P75

Terminal Fee (per person)                                                           P100

Tricycle on Boracay from the boat to your hotel (per tricycle)          P100


TOTAL                                                                                    P350

Once you arrive on Boracay, you won't want to leave


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