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If you are going to Kuala Lumpur and you Google ‘things to do’, Batu Caves will come back very close to the top. Batu Caves are about 13 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The place is a series of caves in a hill and also home to a Hindu shrine and full of temples and Swamis.


Batu Caves are free to enter and wander around. The great news is that you can catch a train right to the door stop. Trains leave KL Sentral every half an hour and cost just 4 MYR return ($1.25 US)


1. Get to KL Sentral Railway Station


KL Sentral is the main railway station in Kuala Lumpur. It has many different lines that will go through or terminate at the station. Even the mono rail stops here (just need to walk 5 minutes through a mall to get there)



2. Buy your ticket to ‘Batu Caves railway station’ from the KTM Komuter line in the main section of the station.


There are many lines as stated above, so look for the KTM Komuter line. The Ticket booth is just to the right of the entrance. A single ticket to Batu Caves is 2 MYR and a return will be 4 MYR


KTM Komuter line - KL Sentral Railway Station - Original Image Calvin Teo

3. Enter the station and head to your right, down the stairs to get to platform 3


When I bought my ticket it was just on a bit of paper, so could not use it in the automatic barrier, just show it to the guard.

4. On the platform they have it well sign posted saying ‘Batu Caves’ and also a display to tell you when the next train is due to depart. Be aware they do have ladies only carriages.

5. Batu Caves station is the eighth (8th) station from KL Sentral

Inside the carriages they have a light board with all the stations to let you know where you are.

6. Once you arrive at Batu Caves and exit, head right and you can’t miss the caves as there is a 43 metre (140 ft) tall statue of a Hindu deity to guide you.

The view from Batu Caves Train Station


**If you are staying on the same line as Batu Caves there is no need to go to KL Sentral and can join the train anywhere along that same line**


Trains leave every half an hour and the timetable is available in PDF format here.

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