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Before I left my job and started to travel I decided to get the latest iPhone at the time, the iPhone 4s to aid me on my journeys. It is a wonderful phone/tool and I would be lost without it. What can sometimes be a challenge is that it takes a micro SIM, a much smaller SIM card than most mobiles. (When I got my first digital phone it was a Motorola 8200 and the SIM card was the size of a credit card, but I digress)


This can be a problem if you have a second non iPhone, as the SIM will not fit. The other trouble I have found is not all networks provide a micro SIM. This can be problematic when travelling and buy a local pre-paid SIM to use to save on those exorbitant roaming fees.


Don’t fear, it is quite easy to turn a normal SIM card into a Micro SIM in a few minutes so it will work with a iPhone 4. Be wary though, if you stuff it up, you will need a new SIM card. If you care about your number, have a post paid service or have some credit on your SIM you want to keep, it might cost over $20 for a replacement, if not, you could just get another SIM for much cheaper. So far I have been successful three out of three times. Touch wood.


There are a few ways to do it, some use a cutting tool or a stencil type of instrument, but I have found all you need is another micro SIM to use as a template.



Step 1. Get your SIM card ready as well as a pen and a pair of nail scissors.

Step 2. Remove the small SIM from the credit card size one and get your micro SIM ‘template’


Step 3. The idea is to get the gold part of the chip in the right position. Line up the gold part of the template SIM with your new SIM card. Once it is lined up, get your pen and run it along the side to get the height correct.


Step 4. Do the same for the other two sides.

Step 5. Get your trusty nail scissors and cut out a rectangle where you have drawn the lines. Don’t forget to mark the corner with the diagonal cut. Nail scissors are easier to use than regular sized scissors as they can cut very fine, which is needed.


Step 6. Using the SIM template as a guide, continue to ‘shave’ off the edges of the SIM so it gets smaller and smaller. Use the iPhone SIM card holder to check every now and again.

Step 7. Holding the template SIM over your new SIM, cut off the corner to match.

Step 8. Your new SIM should now fit in the phone SIM holder; you might need a slight tweak here or there to get it to fit.

And there you have it, place the new SIM and holder back in the phone, cross your fingers and turn it on, your new micro SIM is now ready to go with your iPhone 4.


FUN FACT – Did you know SIM stands for: Subscriber Identity Module

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