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The drinking habit is one of the traits that Canadians have. Similarly to other people that inhabit cold regions of the world, Canadians have adopted a mechanism of defense from the weather. In order to keep their body temperature, they like having a sip to make them warm. Then again, perhaps they just like the taste of it. However you put it, cities such as Toronto always had a high demand (and supply) for liquor. Today, this is the city which has enormous number of bars and lounges. Furthermore, there is a real, cocktail revolution going on. The establishments are constantly trying to outdo one another and take the prestigious title of the best in business. Among many good bars, one name stands out. D.W. Alexander.

This cocktail bar is located in downtown Toronto, in a brick building from Victorian Industrial Period. Its position is great; it is easily accessible by public transportation. The interior is very posh, with dominant black and brown color on its walls. The general theme of the bar is a gentleman’s study room. The space has been recently decorated and it looks excellent. There are many books along the wall while the furniture and the bar add a nice touch.

Although the interior is great, nothing can replace a good atmosphere. Luckily for the owner, there is plenty of that at D.W. Alexander. It constantly seems that the staff is in a great mood. That energy translates to the guests of the establishment making this bar very friendly and hospitable. The positive thing about smaller spaces and smaller parties is that you actually get the chance to speak with people. This is definitely a home away from home. After a long, work day, you can come here and relax with a glass of stiff drink.

The menu is lighter, as expected from a lounge. The chef surely does know his job because the meals are nothing more than delicious. Even though this is primarily a place where you can have a quality drink, the food will more than satisfy your appetite. After you are finished with a meal, you can go for a freshly made cake. The menu changes so be sure to ask the waiter what is available. With many different liquor and cocktails, you can rest assured there is something for everyone.

The highlight of this bar is its cocktail list. They are made from excellent, fresh ingredients, prepared in the bar itself. Like the lounge, they too are genuine and unique. Try the mixture with beer and lime, and surprise your tongue with its phenomenal flavor. No matter how many times you visit this place, the cocktails will be the thing that will take you to a new adventure each time.

With so many cocktail lovers in Toronto, the competition in this business is enormous. Everyone is trying to provide excellent mixtures. Many of them are bad at it, some are good. No matter how you look at it, there is only one D.W. Alexander.



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