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Which Hotel Board Basis is Right For You?


When you’re going on holiday, you’ll often have the option of choosing a board basis for your stay. This means deciding on your preferred type of meal arrangements, and whether you would like any inclusive features. Check out a tour operator or search online via a hotel platform such as Canarias hotels, and you’ll see plenty of options. They vary enormously across hotels, but as a basic guide, the main types of board basis arrangements are as follows:


Room Only


This is usually a simple room in a hotel or apartment complex with no inclusive meals or cooking facilities.


Self Catering


Self catering typically provides a room or apartment with cooking facilities so you can prepare and cook your own meals during your stay. The facilities vary, and may be a simple two-ring hob with a fridge, or an all-singing-all-dancing kitchen packed with utensils and ingredients.


Bed & Breakfast (B&B)


A popular low-cost choice comprising overnight accommodation with breakfast each morning. Depending on where you stay and the star quality of the hotel, breakfast might be a continental affair of cereals, ham, cheese and croissants, or a full range of cooked food including eggs, bacon, pancakes and more.


Half Board


This usually comprises two meals a day – typically breakfast and an evening meal.


Full Board


A full board arrangement usually includes three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some other options may be available such as snacks.


All Inclusive


This is, as the name suggests, a style of board basis that includes usually all meals and other features too. Normally, you can expect to have breakfast, lunch and dinner included along with snacks between meals, and drinks too – usually local soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. This may include cocktails and branded beers, spirits and wine, but again this depends on the hotel.

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